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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 16, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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ask any school crossing guard... they'll tell you about the close calls they've had keeping your kids safe. mmrning... ore than 60 willlno llnger have that safey net.megan gillllanddis live in east baltimore with more on why those crossing guards good morning guys,we''e live
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at barclay and 21st. for years... there's been a crossing guard here at this intersection heeping kids get to school safely.but this morning... thes kids are on their own. own.thh city department of transportation will be removing crossing guards from 666of its 466 cityy intersections.the city saas the decision ii based on a federal sttndard... which says a crossing guard is only there are aa least 40 kids... and 350 cars er hour. "getting rid f those intersections, where there's no longgr needed,,did a assssssment, we found 11or 2 chhldren use intersection across the street" "once they stopp they barrel down here, faster than fast so pou don't get hit" pit"although some parents
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argue it's a matterroo life and death... the city says it stands by it's decision. as for those 66 crossing guarrs... tte city says they're not firing or letting them go... they'll just be in east gilliland, fox45 morning news. has died from her injuries. the firr broke out wednesday morning... at a house on blake court.when firefighters arrived at the scene... they found 59-year-old karee diener trapped on the second floor. she suffered burns to half of her body... ann died aashort time later at the hospital. fire officials are still worring to determine what caused the ire. the family of a teenager who died... while reportedly u-s airways.16-year-old nstt - - delvonte tisdale died in november 2010... after falliig from the wheel well of a plane. his family claims u-s airwayss.. along with the city of charlotte, north carolina
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and charlotte-douglas international airport... should have stopped the teen from getting onto he plane. tisdale ran away from his father's home in northh carooina.his family believes home in balttmore. 3&the officiaa numbers re out this year's altimoreegrand prix... and it's a not- finish.the report shhws attendance this year was down &pby 30-thousand... and the rac aren't surprised by the y they &ppumbers... given the short time they had to put the event togetter. 4924 it's like tte ravens in only ran thrre pages, thrre - yards, kick a field goal , we wanted tt win tte game. this year we can expand the playbook 37 race organizers &phope to increase attendance.. by lowering ticket prices for starttselling tickets next - month... in hopes of taking advantage of the holidaa
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shoppinggseason. occupy waal street protesters could have a revolutionary idea... tt elp peoppe whh are buried under student loan debt. debt.a ssb-group called pstrike debt"... wants to anonymouslly pay off other lenders often try to sell it group's website says they've raised more than 200-thousand to buy up the deffulted oans. target will be medical debt. the u-s postal service is reporttnn a record loss for 2012.the agency says it lost 15-point-9 billion dollars. that's compared to a 5-point-1 billion--ollar loss the year &pbefore.the postal serviie for requiring them to set s... aside billions for retiree health benefits.other federal agencies aree ot eqqiied to ... and postal officials say because of the mandate... the reeirement fund is overfunded. aalarge numbee americans... are wasting their vacation days. days.that's according to a new
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study by "expedia"... which finds he average american is waating 2 ddys a year.the biggest reasons we'rr throwing scheduling conflicts... and hopes that the daysscan be rolled over. the good news... if you havv use-it-or-losee it vacation policy... there'ss still more tan a month left to try to squeeze in a break. if one of your co- workers is 3 especially ired today... or maybe doesn't even show up.... we might ave thh peason why. the last movie &pin theemega-successful franchise "twilight" premiered . overnight. thoosanns of fans across our area went to the d. mith is live at the aac el theatrrs in whiie marsh with the first reaction to the film... and some rrasons it still miggt not be the last one! good morning joel d.
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the twwlight saga: breakiig dawn part 1" earned $283.5 breaking ddwn 2 beeins rolling out in orth america at 10 morring, it will be playing in 4,070 theaters.summit is predicting a more conservattve domestic opening and says breaking dawn 2 is tracking more in line with last year's breaking dawn -- part 1, which grossed $138.1 million on thh same weekend a year ago. breaking daaw 2 has several factors in itssfavor, however. &pitts the final film in the series, which shouud generate americcn box ffice has been popular event titles. 3 3
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3 coming up on the early pads.52-100"all day, every day, he'll wake up....... ,3fa" addiction many parents believe theirrchildden are forming. 3 3 ((bump in))
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3 3 3 & coming upp.. theeravens pick
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up a new plaaer. pllyer.the vvteran orner the sot -- 05:50 -- (sob!) ipad! ipad!addiction startiig... at a young many tddlers are becoming dependent on technology. 3&&p((break 2)) 3
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3 peopll joke that they're addicted to their i-pads... but thhs addiction ccn be verr real. most roubling -- it's flanagan shows us just how &pyoung some of these children are and what parents can do to fight the addiction. script (tk6) toddlers -- some still sucking binkies -- interact easilyywithipads and similar devices. check 'em out -- all over youtube: sot -- 21:49 - kid: ahhhhhhhhhhh! kitty: ahhhhhhhhhh! (kid pets kitty) purrrr! tk7)) buttsome parents post clips like this one, with the message: "ipad is easy but addictiveto toodlers of 18 months,,be parned!" sot -- 05:50 -- (sob!) ipad! (sob!) ipad! &p "my son is not even 2 years
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old and he'' addicted to thh ipad. what do i do?"(tk8) in online chatrooms, desperatee parents wrrie, "my son is not addicced toothe ipad. what do i do?" óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó reetrkó(tk1) it's exactly what this mom wan't to aa herr three-year-old xavier reactsto having his ipad taken away.... hits his mmther ... let it roll .... bite -- 18:19 - mom - all day -- every day. he'll wakk up -- he has it. if i want 3 him to go to sleee -- he has to faal asleep with it... (tk3) xaviir'' like an addict -- quitting cold turkey! instead of drugs -- his addiction is the ipad. (tk4) ddaz gives her younnest son some milkkand a diversion. but he's back n the ipad within five minutes. bite - mom - 19:09 - that'' like his best friend,
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his buddy ... (tk5) sadly, it's almost his only buddy. xavier rareey goes out. he even fights going to school -- withoutthe ippd.. bite mom - 21:11 - i told him to go make friends. he's liie, no! óóóóóóóó bite 01:19- gardere emotional withdrawal pains! ((k9) psycholooist dr. llke the ipad offer kkdss fabulousopportunities to llarn. sot -- from youtube whatev (tk10) gardere says, the problems start when kids choose a vvrtual world -- ooer the real one... bite drg - 04:11 -- they're just not developing the prrper pooial skills that other toddlers would ---which is to get ouu there anddplay wiih other kids. (standup bridge) but parenns can hit the reeset to hell you handle young ipad an appfor that!! severall actually... tk11) timelock, limit let you controlipad - playtime: when time's up, it purns off. you can set limits withoutan app, too -- tantrums. sot -- bite 12:54 - drg you just have to be brave - you haae to be &pstrong parents - you have to suck it up... (tk12) he says, child -- include lots of r outside playyimee and try nott ... bite 12:122- i wouldn't say it's bad parenting tt hann a child an ipad - just to shut
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lazy ... (tk13) diaz helps keep xavierrcalm -- that he's learningabout he internet. bite 28:00 -- bf - you'reeokay with this - except when you've got to take it aaay...yeah! (tk14) im bf coming up..the ravenssdefense is hit wwth another injury. injury.theesurgery jimmy smith had....and how many weeks he'll miss. ((break 3)) 3
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there wiil be some greet high school matchups this weekknd. the aryland interrcholastic athletic association championshippfootball games will be played at johnny unitas are 10- ccampionships" under hot -aaa - ttpics for more information. informatiin.and you can win aa family four paak of tickets to
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one of thh games right nowwthe 11th caller at 4100481-4545 pack that includes water bottles... a tadium blanket and hats... just in case you watch all the action tomorrrw night on oor sister station the c-w baltimooe beginning at coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... former c-i-a director the public... after stepping down. the testimony he's expecttddto give... on the deadly attacks in benghazi.
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